Weird Experimental Indie Music

In General, Music on November 14, 2008 at 10:51:11 pm

I should define some terms here, specifically “experimental.” Just because you added a xylophone to an otherwise rock song does not make you an experimental artist. Frankly, I’m sick of the bands that think it’s something revolutionary. The worst part is that what they’re producing doesn’t sound musical. Now, I understand that we all have different tastes in music, so some of you wouldn’t consider what I’m listening to to be music. However, at least it has a beat, a discernible and pleasing melody, and some understandable lyrics. But then there’s this band who fulfill just one of the above requirements (having a beat), and only just barely. The melody is confused, and the vocals sound like Bob Dylan with a cold. I respect that they’re doing music and that they’ve gotten past the garage band stage. But it’s just irritating.

Even more irritating is when an indie band starts to get mainstream followers, and all the indie kids get pissed off about it. Because, it’s apparently uncool for an indie kid to like mainstream music, even if it is something they’ve been listening to since before it was a Top 40-er.

  1. I agree entirely. But you know that.

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