Windows 7

In Apple, Interesting, News, Tech on October 28, 2008 at 1:02:58 pm

I know this post is going to come off all Mac-fanboy-ish, but it must be said.

Jump lists:

OS X’s dock menus:

Window peeking:


New system tray, which users are in control of:

OS X’s menu bar (which I am in control of):

Note: if you’re wondering why there are some funny characters in these screenshots (like the O’s above), I’m mucking around with a system font with an incomplete character set.

OS X is handling these features simpler, more elegantly, and better.


Images from Ars Technica.

  1. I love it. For years I have been telling everyone I know that the PC industry is trying desperately to be more like a Mac. And now, more proof. Thanks for bringing this to light. I’ve used bot Macs and PCs over the last several years and I have to say, I prefer the original. (That would be Mac)

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