iPhone – Second Generation

In Apple, Digg It!, Photoshop, Prediction on April 3, 2008 at 10:59:07 pm

The iPod inspired the third generation iMac, as this photo by Tumb (from deviantArt) shows:

iMac and iPod

Why can’t the reverse be true? Here’s what today’s iMac looks like:


I did a quick little mockup of what I would like to see the next generation iPhone to look like:

iPhone - 2nd generation

The back should be almost entirely made of anodized aluminum, painted black. The bottom fifth will be reserved for the cell and WiFi antennas, and will be made of black plastic (same as the current iPhone). The Apple logo and iPhone logo will both be glossy black.

On the side and front, the buttons will be glossy black, and the border/bevel will be made of anodized, satin aluminum, instead of the current chrome look.

I kind-of like it. You?

  1. nice iphone! that’s ur version of the new redesign right?

  2. I must say, three in a row! I much prefer this to the current chrome look, especially on the sides.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, this is my version of a redesign of the iPhone.

    Oh, if you like it, please Digg It, or submit it to Reddit, or whatever. I’d love to see this on Gizmodo 🙂

  4. I know this is just a mock up( a really nice mock up btw) but the back couldn’t be all metal, there has to be a plastic spot for the cell signal to pass out

  5. Mike: I noted that in my initial post, but I was lazy and didn’t put it in my mockup. Oops.

  6. I like your mock up…i hope it looks something like this..very classy…i love the sides…not a cheep chrome like on the first iphone

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