Another Idea: I’ve Been Brewing This For A While

In Idea, Interesting on April 2, 2008 at 8:30:29 pm

I don’t know how to put this into words very well, so I’m going to run it down quickly, and hopefully it makes sense.

There should be an option on modern cars to have an iPod dock installed either on the dash or somewhere on that transmission tunnel in the front. See, the headphone connector of an iPod can transmit audio (and 5th generation can transmit video with the proper cable). But the dock connector can transmit so much more. You could charge your iPod while driving. Better still, it has data capabilities.  Let me set up a hypothetical scenario for you (I’m going to use an iPhone, because it fulfills everything):

You plug your iPhone into your computer at home, and you sync over your contacts, music, movies, etc. But you also have a special version of Google Maps on your computer. You’re going to somewhere in the suburbs, and you need to figure out how to get there. So, you set up the directions on the computer. Then you sync that data to your iPhone, and eject it.

You go to your car, dock your iPhone in the car, and turn on the stereo. Using your car’s controls, you pick the music you’d like to hear from your iPhone, and it plays through your car speakers. At the same time, the satellite navigation system on the dash coupled with the directions stored on the iPhone tell you where to go. Suddenly, your iPhone rings. No problem. You simply press the appropriate button on your steering wheel, the music fades out, and you can answer your call hands-free. When you hang up, the music resumes.

Why can’t this be implemented? It makes complete sense to integrate this. I mean, the iPod is the most popular music player in the world. Even if it couldn’t do the phone calls, at least you could store directions on it from your computer. And you have your entire music collection with you.

It would be brilliant.

  1. This is everything anyone has ever wanted. Bravo!

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