5 Tips For A Clean Workspace

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If you’re like me, you spend a good chunk of your time sat at your desk in front of your computer. The most irritating thing about working long hours is that a pile of stuff accumulates at your desk and sort of sits there begging to be taken care of. What follows is a list of 5 ways to keep your workspace tidy. Apologies if the previous paragraph made no sense; it’s late.

Who doesn’t want a nice clean setup to be proudly working behind? I sure enjoy working at a clean & comfortable desk everyday. Hopefully this post will help you on your way to achieving that dream setup you’ve always wanted, and give you some insight on how to keep it that way.

Tip One: Respect Your Area

Tip one is the most important of them all. If you don’t have respect for your area and your possessions, you won’t care about their condition and cleanliness. If you do have respect for your things, than you’ll take the extra time to make sure they’re clean and in good shape. This also displays how thankful you are for what you own. This tip is one that a lot of people don’t follow. The majority of people buy expensive things, that others aren’t fortunate to have, and they treat it like it’s garbage. So, if you’re going to keep a clean setup, you’re going to need to respect what you have.

Tip Two: Invest In Storage

A major reason that some people can’t keep clean setups is because they have a lot of papers and pencils lying around on their desk. If you notice on the bottom left of my set up, you’ll see a storage drawer with 4 drawers on it. I use this for all of my papers, schools supplies, miscellaneous items and some tech stuff. Without that $20.00 contraption from Wal-Mart, my desk would be a complete mess. So, invest in a small little storage drawer like mine, and put all loose items in it. You can still have a mess, but just keep it hidden.

Tip Three: Save Up & Buy Better

Save up and buy better. This is pretty simple. A lot of people buy less expensive things, which are of inferior quality, just because they have the money to buy it now. In the last few years, I’ve learnt that it’s better to save up and wait a little longer, so that you can invest in better quality. Not only is this beneficial for the present, but it will be beneficial for the future. You’ll a) have something that will last you longer and b) own something with a greater resale value. This will also enforce step 1 on you, because you’ll have something that’s worth more, so you’ll treat it better and with more respect.

Tip Four: Go Wireless

This tip should come as no surprise. If you want a desk that’s clean and simple, wireless is the way to go. Although this costs more, it’s all worth it in the end, when you’re sitting and working in front of the setup of your dreams. Going back to step four; take a little more time to save up, and buy better quality things, like wireless devices.

Tip Five: Keep Only What You Need

Keep only the things you absolutely need on your desks surface. To keep things as neat and simplistic as possible, just keep your necessities on your desk. Try and find alternative places for things like cell phone chargers, printers, scanners, books, ect. This will allow you to take full advantage of your desks real estate, and it will clear up any clutter you previously had.

In terms of my personal checklist…

  1. I respect everything I own. I work hard to make enough money to buy the things I do have, which really helps. I know so many people who treat what they own like crap because their parents bought it for them and “well, they can buy it again”. Not cool. Grow up.
  2. Working on this one. I just bought a new Ikea shelf to deal with my Top Gear addiction, so that was a welcome addition. Well, when I said “I purchased”, what I meant was “my parents bought me”. But I treat it with respect! I swear!
  3. Oh how many times I’ve learned this lesson. I try to buy the best I can. For example, I could have purchased just a MacBook, not a MB Pro. But I chose to wait and get the Pro, because of a number of reasons which are irrelevant to this blog entry. Same with my speakers, same with my iPod. I could have bought the 8 GB Touch, but I wanted the 16, because that’s just doing things properly.
  4. Working on this one. I’m looking to buy a Logitech wireless mouse and an Apple wireless keyboard. Both are Bluetooth. Again, doing things properly (lesson #3). I only have 2 USB ports on my MBP, so I don’t want them clogged up with IR dongles. Internal Bluetooth for the win.
  5. I do a minor tidying of my desk every week or so. It helps keep the clutter down. Right now, I have a couple of glasses from beverages (now drink drank drunk), a chocolate bar, the latest issue of Wired and my dad’s external HDD on my desk. I will be ridding my desk of this evil by tomorrow.
  6. Well, that pretty much sums it up. The above list of tips is from Wesley Yendry’s blog. It’s an old post, but I stumbled upon it today, and thought I’d share it.

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