In NHeer Design, Personal, Rant on December 27, 2007 at 1:41:47 am

A guy messaged me on Aqua Soft a couple of weeks ago. He told me he liked my splash screen on my site, and asked if I wouldn’t mind letting him use a similar one on his. I checked his out (it’s linked here, for reference). Now, right now, it’s quite a bit different. It has a holiday theme applied. However, when the holidays are over, it should revert back to its original form. The splash of that site is basically a blue version of the one on my site, however (and I must say this), less well done.Anyway, I told him he could keep the splash screen so long as he linked to my site as inspiration on his site somewhere. In 2 weeks, he has failed to do so.Spam the hell out of him. 

UPDATE: It’s been resolved now. It’s all good.

  1. You, sir, have been linked to. At the bottom, he says that the template was inspired by NHEER design. Otherwise you know I would be all but to happy to wreak some havoc upon his system bios or whatever he decided to use. : D

  2. Lol, I should have checked that first. He’s one of those apple people *shudders.* Linux FTW

  3. Heh… it wasn’t until I reminded him for the 47th time to put my link there. It’s been resolved.

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