Top 12 Songs For This Time Of The Year

In General, Music on December 22, 2007 at 6:56:32 pm

I can’t say Christmas songs, because these are neither seasonal nor Christmas-y. Also, the PC pissers will be after me.All songs by AFI. 

  1.  Miseria Cantare
  2. The Leaving Song Pt. II
  3. Bleed Black
  4. Silver and Cold
  5. Dancing Through Sunday
  6. Girl’s Not Grey
  7. Death of Seasons
  8. The Great Disappointment
  9. Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings)
  10. This Celluloid Dream
  11. The Leaving Song
  12. …But Home Is Nowhere

If you’re not following, it’s the entirety of Sing The Sorrow. Buy it today.

Oh, yeah, and I should mention that I started a wish list on Amazon. If you’ve won the lottery, recently committed a heist, or just have walked into some money, why don’t you check it out? Subtle as a brick, I am.

And apparently Yoda… I am. 


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