Got My iPod Touch

In Apple on November 30, 2007 at 10:53:52 am

I’ll post photos later, and a full review.

Initial thoughts? Well, it’s really fast, and really cool. I’ve received a bunch of compliments for it, so that’s cool. The screen is holding up well, and you can’t really see the smudges when there’s an image on the screen (when it’s off, you can definitely tell: but why would you care when the screen is off?).

Something I found weird, and I don’t know if anyone feels this way: does anyone else feel kinda weird when they’re listening to older music on an iPod? I was listening to early Dead Kennedys just now, and it’s strange, because it’s old music on new technology. Best of both worlds, I guess. I don’t want to carry around a record player.


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