Well, There’s Your Problem!

In Absolutely Insane, Funny on November 19, 2007 at 11:40:01 pm


This is an adventure in hilarity…  

A classmate won tickets last night to a premiere screening (for tonight) of Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged, in its fully uncut and remastered glory. He asked me if I’d like to go, since I was one of the only Nirvana fans he knew, and so I accepted.

 We headed down tonight at around 6 PM. It was held downtown, at the Uptown (?) Theatre. If you’ve ever been to downtown Calgary, you know parking is a bit terrible. We finally found a parkade by the Sears building on 8th Avenue and parked there. We left his truck and went to go see the film.  After about 2 hours, we returned to the parkade. And that’s when things got interesting. 

We first noticed something wrong when we saw that the doors we came in were shut. This didn’t really bode well, since that’s kind of the only exit. We walked around to the back side of the building looking for any and all entrances, only to find that the ones that we found were locked. We finally (after 5 minutes of searching) found one that was open, and went down the staircase. Our hope had improved… for now.

 My friend’s truck was in front of us, and we got to the exit we came in. And then we realized that there was no person in the booth, and no automatic ticket reception thing. Which wasn’t good. We phoned the help number on the booth and asked about our situation. We didn’t know the lot number, however, and they told us to call them back when we found it out. So, we began looking around for the lot number, rather unsuccessfully. As we pondered what to do, we came up with a bit of a plan:


  1.  Find the lot number
  2. Phone back with or without the lot number (it can’t hurt, right?)
  3. If (when) that doesn’t work, abandon the car overnight and call a parent to pick us up, or…
  4. Sleep in the parkade all night. Pay the $25 to exit at 7 AM, and make a rush for school in a smelly sort of way.

Now, obviously, I had to confer with my mother at which option was best. She didn’t like number 4 (and who can blame her, but what a cool story that would have been), and suggested that we try anything else but that.Luckily, at that very moment, someone was coming down the ramp. “How did they get in?” we wondered. We approached her and asked if she knew what the lot number was. She said that it was “***” (the 3 stars being replaced with the actual lot number), and she said to let her know if it worked. She was a monthly subscriber, so she could come and go as she pleased. We phoned back with the lot number, and then the Impark people said that there was nothing they could do.


After a little bit, the lady rolled up in her car, and she asked what the outcome was. We said that we were stuck here for the night. Then, she had a brainwave.

What if we could tailgate her out?

It was a brilliant plan. We got in the truck, and moved towards the exit right behind her. We sat right on her tail as the barrier and door opened.

It bloody worked.

Moral of the story: check the damn times that the parkade is open for. Or find some kind older lady with a monthly pass. Either way… 


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