My Plans Have Been Quashed

In Apple on November 13, 2007 at 10:47:36 pm
iPod Touch Correction, numero uno

So, as you know, my plan to get a white iPod touch has been foiled. Grr. However, I thought I came up with a little bit of compensation last night, when I discovered something amazing.

See, the Canadian Apple online store currently prices the iTouch at $449 (16 GB, which is the one I’m getting). Hardly chump change. The US store has the same iPod for $399. $50 less, for the same product. And it gets worse. Have you see the Canadian dollar recently? That $399 USD price is actually just $382 CAD! Holy smoke! But, unfortunately, the US Apple store doesn’t ship to Canada.

Amazon to the rescue! They price the iTouch at just $394 USD. which is just $377 CAD. What a great deal! I can get the iTouch, plus a case for less than the best prices I’ve seen in Canada. Damn I’m good.

But I’m so not.

iPod Touch Correction, numero dos

Amazon doesn’t ship the iTouch to Canada. They ship other stuff, accessories for it, CDs, DVDs and more to Canada, but not this.

So, it’s back to the $450 ish price. I hate commerce.

I’ve just gotten word, however, that a friend of mine has found a way to get the US Apple store to ship to Canada. I’ll have to wait and see…


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