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Oh man is it a nice day in Calgary. I’m currently blogging on my deck (thank you wireless internet). It’s November! There’s snow on the ground. But it’s 13 degrees. That may not sound like much (I think I have a couple of readers in the Southern US), but in the sun, it’s nice. Trust me on this one. And a wasp just flew by my head. What the hell? A wasp in November? Anyway…

Blogging Outside - fools.
Yeah, I look like an idiot. What’s it to you?

To be honest, I’m not sure how the photo above turned out. See, the sun is aiming straight for the display. And I have a bunch of fingerprints and dust on said display. The glossiness isn’t a problem (really!), but the dust and fingerprints are. Bummer.

Anyhow… news…

So, apparently, a training course for the iPhone surfaced on Apple Canada’s website. So, that might mean that the iPhone might (finally) be coming here. But I won’t be getting one. I can’t afford the monthly bills. I’ll stick with my iPod touch.

Oh, yeah. I emailed ColorWare (those people who do iPod painting) and they assured me that they actually can’t do the full white iPod touch I wanted. Here’s the mockup I did for reference:

iPod Touch Mockup

Here’s the email they sent me in response to my email (which I apparently deleted from my sent items, because I can’t find it).

Thank You for your inquiry. To answer your question, we do not offer the
touch with the chrome back option
. You could go with the Smoke white all
over or if that is not giving you the desired effect you would like you
could choose the Custom Color for $99 and choose your own color. If you
have any other questions or would like to buy a 4″x6″ metal card sample
of the Smoke white please feel free to contact us.

Thank You,
Lisa Bloom
Customer Service Representative
Coloware Inc.

So, according to the response I wasn’t looking for (the bold bit), they can’t do it with a chrome back.

Why not?

That’s odd… don’t they just paint the face of it and reassemble the unit?

Oh well. I’ll be comfy (I guess) with a black one. Only a couple more paycheques until I place my order.

Also, with the rise of the Canadian dollar (it’s currently worth $1.08 USD), I was rather hoping for the price of a Canadian iTouch to be nearly equal to the US price (I know that duties can take up a bit of cash, so I wouldn’t mind paying $415 or so). But the Canadian iTouch is still $450 CAD, and only $400 USD. What the hell? I feel slightly gouged.

This blog issue article whateveryoucallit is starting to get rather long and random, but that’s OK. Sticking with the randomness…

I picked up Nine Inch Nails’ live DVD yesterday (“Beside You In Time”). I must say, it’s epic. I also picked up an AFI poster (finally…).

As of note, this blog article is starting to get over the 500 word mark. I had a really hard time writing a 500 word essay for the TD scholarship. How is this easier?

Anyway… I think that’s all. I will enjoy the sun.

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