In Rant on October 8, 2007 at 7:21:46 am

Well, Top Gear is back. Yay! But I haven’t watched it yet.

I started downloading the 700 MB Scene rip, but then I found another torrent (at the Pirate Bay) which is 350 MB, so I started downloading that one too. The 350 finished first, and overnight I lost my connection to the 700 one. But the 350 one is just a trojan thing! It’s that annoying “divoplayer” spyware installer thing. So…. 3 hours, 26 minutes left. I think I’m going to go bash my head into a wall.

  1. […] to an eternity in a non-religious type of hell (New Jersey?) if it isn’t good. After my fiasco this morning involving copious amounts of my idiocity, I finally got it downloaded. That torrent was hella slow […]

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