You Know You’re A Graphic Designer When… (Even More Of These!)

In Funny on October 1, 2007 at 9:31:24 pm

You know you’re a graphic designer when…

• You refuse to buy from a vendor whose web site is exceedingly cheesy or full of typos. (I’ve been looking a lot at real estate online lately, and this is becoming quite problematic…)
• You buy products that you have no use or wish for, simply because you love the packaging design. (then save the receipt as a business expense)
• You buy a magazine not for the editorial content, but just because it has an interesting layout. (ditto on the receipt)
• You yell out “Papyrus” whenever/wherever you see it – TV commercials, hwy billboards, etc – and no one else knows what in the heck you’re talking about.
• You have little snippets of paper everywhere from sketching ideas for layouts and designs whenever the impulse strikes you, including indecipherable scribbles made while driving in traffic, and bathroom scribbles done with eyeliner.
• You wake up in the middle of the night and grab for your sketch pad because you just dreamt of a great solution for a project you’ve been stuck on.
• You go to another designers’ studio and leave dejected because of serious gear or software envy.
• When working remotely at a WiFi cafe, you secretly compare your laptop with everyone else’s and then feel inordinantly proud to have the sweetest gear in the house.
• You yell out “PowerBook,” “iMac,” “G5,” “Cinema Display,” etc., everytime you see Apple product placement on TV or a movie.

Yet more from the HowDesign forums.

  1. I do all of these so horribly, lol.

    Dude, am I the first comment EVER? you need to advertise a little more.

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