Facebook Apps Rant

In Rant on September 26, 2007 at 8:37:59 pm

I’d like to take a moment out of your day to complain. That’s a bad start, but whatever.

I officially hate 99% of all new Facebook apps. I don’t mind the standard ones, because they are designed to serve an actual, meaningful purpose (Photos, Notes, etc). But “Vampire”, “Where I’ve Been”, and “lolzcats” apps don’t make any sense. Here are 2 images to prove the point:

Massive Facebook profile. My Facebook Profile

On the left is a Facebook profile with a large amount of apps. No, make that a collosal amount of apps. No, bigger than collosal. Anyways… on the right is my Facebook profile. I’ve gone through and attempted to blur out any and all identifying type stuff. But I’m not sure if I got it all.

I took these screenshots using “Paparazzi”, an application for Macs that will take a screenshot of an entire webpage. The one on the left is huge. I’ve never seen a profile bigger than that. I know that in Firefox, I can have a script to hide all of those unwanted apps. But I use Safari. And there are a few apps that I don’t mind. On my actual profile page, I currently have the following apps (excluding the standard Facebook ones):
– My Box – Formerly HTML box, this provides my profile with a small button linking to my blog.
– Twitter – An unobtrusive app to let people know what I’m up to. I may get rid of it, however.
– Honesty Box – I love hearing what rude things people have to say about me. Or nice things that, for whatever reason, they can’t say to my face. It’s always an interesting app, and it’s quite small.

That’s it! 3 measly apps, in addition to the standard Facebook ones (Notes, Posted Items, Photos, Videos, Groups, The Wall and Information). And, because I’m lazy (as you can see by the inaccurate blurring on the left profile example), I can’t be bothered to list all of the apps that this other person has. But it’s a LOT.

Do you want to see the full pages? Alright… here they are.
My Page: Click here. (originally on the right; 780kb PNG file; 2680 px tall)
Other Person’s Page: Read the text to the right first, then click here. (originally on the left; 7.7 MB PNG file; 25, 788 px tall)

  1. Try my app “I Am Green” – a fun yet serious way to encourage pro-environment life changes with your friends. 50K members.

  2. That’s almost an ad, but I’ll leave it, because I actually support that one app. However… my point is still valid.

  3. haha!! these are great images to prove the point…I saw something sorta similar where someone had collapsed all the apps and it was still pages long. you can see it here:

  4. […] I could not possibly tell you why. This is a wise move, because all too many of my friends have 100+ applications installed, making the load times for their pages agonizing, and attempts to find their wall prove fruitless. […]

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