New, New and More New!

In House MD, Jeans, Music, Personal, Random, Top Gear, TV on September 25, 2007 at 7:52:22 pm

Well, it makes me happy. Alright… I got new jeans today. They’re David Bitton “Buffalo” “Game” jeans in a dark wash. I love them. $93 or so, which isn’t bad considering that they actually had my size. See… I’m really tall… and freaky skinny. So finding jeans is usually a hard thing to do. It ranks right up there with making nuclear fission an easy energy source. Anyways… I bought them from Hot Gossip on 17th avenue (in Calgary). It’s a great place. It’s full of really great jeans (7s, R&Rs, True Religions, Diesels and of course, Buffalos). They’ve got a lot of sizes, as well. Check them out. They’re past the Melrose Café, and there’s a little sign saying “Hot Gossip Upstairs” just above a door. It’s really simple, but really good.

New jeans
My new jeans, in a bad photo.

I got the new Weakerthans album today. I will provide a track-by-track breakdown of it in the near future. I think. One word summary: f*ckingamazing. I had to make that one word. As per the rules.

Reunion Tour
New Weakerthans CD

And the new season of House is premiering in 2 hours and 9 minutes. I can’t wait!

By the way: new season of Top Gear is on on Oct. 7th.


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