More News From The Department Of The Clinically Insane

In Geeky on September 13, 2007 at 4:29:37 pm

I hope I don’t get sued over that title. It’s a joke. A joke. Almost.

So, a little bit of a back story. About 118 years ago, a man invented a cylinder that weighed exactly one kilogram. This became the international standard at which metric weights were measured against. People (mostly scientists, obviously) have flocked from all over the world to ensure that their kilogram weights measure up exactly with the kilogram in France (the 118 year old one). But now, this kilogram is apparently shrinking.

Scientists have somehow figured out that this kilogram has lost 50 micrograms since it was created. For a comparison, 50 micrograms is about the same weight as a fingerprint. I’d be interested to find out how they figured out that it was 50 micrograms lighter. What did they compare it to? Maybe the scale that they used was uncalibrated. Agghh! What next!?

Read the full story at


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