My Dilemma & My Whining (Yup, It’s iPod Related)

In Apple on September 5, 2007 at 4:16:59 pm

You’ve no doubt heard that new iPods were released today. Here’s my breakdown:

New iPods, as of Sept. 5

iPod Shuffle: New colours, including a (RED) one. Pretty snazzy, but 1GB is something I just can’t live with.
iPod Nano: Video for cheap! It’s got effectively the same screen as my current 5th generation iPod, but in a snazzy (fat) package. But it’s thin. It’s just wide and a little weird. However, I think I’ll get used to it. But, again, storage issues.
iPod “Classic”: What used to just be called the iPod. Now it’s made of metal (a metal face and a chrome back, just like the new Nanos). Available in silver and black. Coolest thing about this: storage starts at 80GB. The only other option… 160GB! Beat that, Zune! That is a simply colossal amount of storage space. New interface on both this one and on the new Nanos.
iPod Touch: Basically an iPhone without the phone. A little stubbier than the iPhone, too, but it has multi-touch, and Wi-Fi capabilities. Coolest thing (apart from the touch screen) is the ability to buy songs on a Wi-Fi version of the iTunes Music Store, then those get synced to your computer when you get home.

Now, I’m in the market for a new iPod. The new Shuffles and Nanos are cool, but too small for me. So, that leaves the top 2 models.

iTunes currently says that the music on my iPod currently occupies 15GB of space (OK… 14.99GB). Video on my iPod occupies another 30.6GB, or so. This means that I would have to seriously cut back on my video and music consumption. Now, to be fair, I’d guess that 5GB of that music is stuff that I listen to infrequently or not at all. However, the vast majority of the video on my iPod are things that I enjoy watching often. I have all 3 seasons of “House M.D.” on there, a few “Mythbusters” episodes, both seasons of “Fawlty Towers”, some “Top Gear”, a few full-length movies, and video podcasts. I’d probably have to unsync macTV on Uneasy Silence. No matter how good that video podcast is, that’s 2.5GB of video. Also, each season of “House M.D.” is 5GB or so. So, I probably would put only 5 or so of my favourite episodes on there. Subtract another 15 or so GB. Every episode but the most recent one of “Top Gear” would probably have to go, as well as all “Mythbusters” and “Fawlty Towers” episodes. Basically, I need to fit it all into 15GB of space. This is all so that I can buy an iPod Touch. See, there’s my first problem.

I am curious as to why Apple did not choose to use a HDD in the new iTouch (I’ll call it that, because I’m lazy) instead of flash memory. What’s the point of having such a gorgeous display if you can’t put much video on it? I don’t sync any photos, because that’s kind of a waste of space. So, by that logic, I should save a bit of money and go for the 160GB (!) iPod Classic. But I want that cool touch screen, the big screen, the full experience.

Annoyingly, there’s no white plastic iPod. That was the classic colour, and they should offer it as an option on the iTouch. It’s a bit unfortunate that their iconic colour has gone the way of New Coke the dodo (clarification: it’s not unfortunate that New Coke flopped and was discontinued). Even though I have a black iPod, I actually now want a white one. If I could replace my current one, I would. It picks up more noticeable scratches than a white one. Plus, it looks a bit wonky in the white dock.

Also, it’s sad how many leaks there were before this event, and how predictable most of the stuff was. We saw the new interface a few months ago. Pictures of the new Nano were leaked in the last couple of weeks, and the colours were revealed early. We could also guess about the iTouch, and the (RED) Shuffle. It’s kind of sad how there’s none of the good ol’ “ta da” unveilings at Apple keynotes, because everybody can guess what’s coming. Let’s take a look at the last major product announcements:
iPhone: Everyone knew about this puppy, months before it was officially debuted in January of this year.
New iMac: Nobody was surprised at the dropping of the 17″ model, the glossy display, the aluminium chassis or… well, anything, really.
iLife & iWork ’08: Again, much was known about these products (including the inclusion of “Numbers”) long before the August special event.
Recent iPods: Hate to sound like a broken record, but we already knew a lot about these. I wish Apple could go back to the big surprises that we were all so familiar with. Remember when they released the G5 iMac, and how surprised everyone was at the design? Remember the surprises that everyone had with… oh, there are too many Apple products to name that have had the “ta da” effect. They’re losing that. It’s sad.

  1. Great taste in House M.D. and Fawlty Towers! 😉


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