Show My Go Bag? I’ll Show You My Go Bag! I’ll Show — Damn…

In General, Home, Tech on August 30, 2007 at 1:32:43 pm

Well, I missed the submission date for the Lifehacker “Show Us Your Go Bag” thing. But here’s mine:

Click on the picture to enlarge it.
  1. 15″ MacBook Pro – For work, and for play. Nothing beats this sucker. Well, OK, a 17″ one would. But I’m poor. This is my baby, though.
  2. Sunglasses in case – Prescription sunglasses (which actually look kinda cool).
  3. MEC shoulder sling bag – It holds a LOT of stuff, and it was cheap. And it fits my MacBook Pro. Therefore, I bought it.
  4. Panasonic earphones – Isolating earphones that are really good. I was surprised at the sound quality.
  5. Lanyard – Containing house key, bicycle lock key, and 1GB USB thumb drive.
  6. Tiny Maglite – I use it all the time, for finding stuff that people (IE: me) have dropped, or just generally seeing in the dark.
  7. Apple remote – I don’t usually carry this, lest it get lost, but if I’m giving a presentation, it’s invaluable.
  8. iPod – Black, 60 GB 5th generation iPod. In a DLO casual leather case. It’s nearly full. This is one of the things I just can’t go anywhere without.
  9. Wallet – It was cheap, and it does its job of carrying money, cards, etc. rather well. Currently, it contains a Slaveway Safeway card (with measley employee discounts – 10% off on Safeway brand stuff), Airmiles card, library card, bank card, student ID, various business cards, and $10.
  10. Swiss card – It’s this thing. I bought it a number of years ago. The swivel thing for the scissor area doesn’t work, but the rest is functional. It’s super handy, and less conspicuous than carrying a knife.
  11. MacBook Pro wall plug – I usually carry the long one, because it’s better to have some slack cord than to not have enough.
  12. Juggling bean bags – For when I get bored.
  13. Dive watch – It’s a St. Moritz dive watch, on a cheap strap (nobody steals it, because the strap makes it look cheap). It’s a great watch, but I’m replacing it with a Valima soon.
  14. Breathsavers – Nearly out of these. Wintergreen flavour. I’m going for Altoids when I remember to buy them.
  15. Guitar picks – I don’t know why, but I carry these. You never know when someone will have a guitar that you can jam on.
  16. Camera USB cable – To transfer pictures with (obviously).
  17. iPod USB cable – Sometimes I need to plug my iPod into my computer, to transfer photos or charge it.
  18. Lowepro camera case – Usually contains a camera, however, the camera (a Canon PowerShot A530) was taking this picture.
  19. 256MB SD – A spare SD card, for squeezing an extra 200 pictures out, should I run short. My main SD card is a 1GB unit.
  20. 1/4 to 1/8 converter – A plug for converting a 1/4 male cable to a 1/8 mini stereo plug.
  21. Pencil case – It looks more menacing than it is. It’s a leather pencil case containing… pens and pencils.
  22. Sharpie and pen – Forgot to put these in my case.
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