Paranoid Much?

In Tech on August 18, 2007 at 12:02:03 am

I have 1GB USB flash thumb drive thinger. And I can list off about a trillion other people (OK, maybe not a trillion, but a lot) that also have flash drives of varying capacities. I can say pretty confidently that, although I use my drive frequently, I haven’t really given security a second thought, and I bet most others haven’t either.

Presto! A paranoid’s best friend:

It’s a 1GB (or 2GB, if you prefer) thumb drive, but before you can use it, you have to type in a PIN. No, Gizmodo, not a PIN number. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. Does anyone proof read over at the big G? Anyway…

If you are truly this paranoid, don’t give it a stupid PIN. The Corsair Padlock retails for… well, I don’t know. Gizmodo doesn’t say, Corsair’s site doesn’t say, (one of Corsair’s “preffered retailers”) doesn’t say. But, as the old saying goes: if you have to ask…


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