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In Gadgets, Watches on August 18, 2007 at 12:18:53 am

What You See Is Not What You Get

Case in point: these gorgeous Fossil watches. Philippe Starck designed ’em, and they look amazing!

When I saw that in my RSS feed, I said “yes; I want one of those”.

But apparently, the innards of the watch (you know, the stuff that’s supposed to keep time) are pretty poor quality. It reminds me of a Peugeot: they look, for the most part, fantastic. But they came last in Top Gear’s yearly survey. So I’m stuck on whether I should buy one or not. A watch that is, not a Peugeot. I don’t want a Peugeot, thanks.

They’re not officially out yet, but when they are, they’ll be viewable here.


  1. Gizmodo posted a virus that’s made these watches out to be terrible. I bought one of the first Starck analog watches and haven’t had one problem with it. I also just placed my order on for one of these. From what I’ve read, Starck only uses Japanese movements. I can’t imagine a designer of his caliber allowing Fossil to use crappy parts for his product. I mean, think about it, if his product starts to break for no reason, it’ll give him a bad name.

  2. At the same time, it’d be better to use a Swiss movement, as they are widely considered to be the best in the world. However, I am still seriously considering adding one of these to my collection, even without the inclusion of a Swiss movement.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I totally agree. The only problem with Swiss movements are they increase the price ten-fold. It would almost go against Starck’s philosophy of making good design available to all. They would be so high priced, they would probably be out of range of most people – I know they would me.

    Anyways, just received my watch yesterday when I got home. It is super cool. I started tinkering with it and removing some of the screws just to see how to change the batter and strap and stuff. This thing is really nicely constructed. If you do get one, I would suggest showing how the strap is connected and the case back construction. There are about 14 screws (of what I’ve found so far) holding this thing together!

  4. I agree with Stephen. I work for a smaller watch company (it isn’t Fossil, they are huge!!) and the Swiss movements (innards, as you guys have been calling them) are much much more expensive. And the funny thing is that there is nothing really special about them. Sure, if you are talking about an automatic movement… but a normal movement (quartz analog) like what is in these things is not going to be any better than the Japanese movements that are being used. Bottom line is, buy one if you like it, the movement isn’t going to be an issue. If i could wear another brand at work (they wouldn’t like me showing up in a competitor’s product) I would get one.

  5. @Dillon: Which company do you work for, if you don’t mind my asking?

    I do agree with you, but I am partial to Swiss movements… largely because I am Swiss. Or, half Swiss, I should say.

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