In Rant, Summerstock on August 9, 2007 at 12:17:18 am

I’m a crew member at a drama organization called “Summerstock“. We’re currently performing “Footloose, The Musical” in downtown Calgary, but only until Saturday. Anyhoo… we got rained out today. Outdoor theatre: it’s a joy. So, we had to bring all of our sound gear inside. There is only one way to bring it all inside, and that is through an elevator, which is old-ish, and doesn’t like having its doors left open. Unfortunately. So, one of the cast members (who shall remain anonymous: let’s call her “Jane”) figured out a way to keep the doors open: kick them where they close (not on the front of the doors, but the part of the elevator doors that splits and slides open… the inside of the doors). Despite my constant reminders that that may not be the best treatment in the world for said doors, she persisted to do so, claiming that it was easier than letting the doors close, then pressing the “door open” button.

As it appears, the doors have had one too many kicks, because tonight, after she kicked the door, apparently they got derailed. They can’t close properly, and therefore cannot move to any other floor. Which is just peachy for all of the people who park in the underground parkade, or who would like to get to places with extremely heavy sound equipment. Now, a little story:

Summerstock is storing its equipment, like every year, in the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts. Last year, there was another event occuring at the same time as our show was running, and 60-odd teenagers are not exactly known to be the quietest group in the world. Also, there was a fight scene which was being practiced in the bathroom (?), and they put a hole in the wall. Last year, we were allowed to have a changing room, makeup room, and storage room. This year, we are limited to just storage. They effectively kicked us out. And rightly so. I’m not defending Summerstock: the kids who behaved badly caused the rest of us great anguish, because our storage area is harder to access, and we don’t have an indoor changing area. The Epcor Centre kindly let us use a storage facility, but on difficult terms. They’re not exactly overjoyed about us being there after the events of last year, but they are allowing us use of their facility. How thrilled do you think they will be after they hear we broke an elevator?

Here’s the likely chain of events that will unfold:

  1. Epcor finds out about the elevator
  2. They find out it was one of our students who broke it
  3. We get the bill from the elevator repair company
  4. Epcor bans us from the building
  5. We are lacking storage facilities for expensive electronic gear for following shows
  6. Shit hits the fan

All stemming from one student’s behaviour.

As a further slap in the face, this student refuses to awknowlege how much of a problem this is. Her take is to relax until we get yelled at. Which is fantastic, if you’re a selfish little… there are no words.

Starting tomorrow, I’m doubting that student will be allowed within a mile of that elevator.


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