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Show My Go Bag? I’ll Show You My Go Bag! I’ll Show — Damn…

In General, Home, Tech on August 30, 2007 at 1:32:43 pm

Well, I missed the submission date for the Lifehacker “Show Us Your Go Bag” thing. But here’s mine:

Click on the picture to enlarge it.
  1. 15″ MacBook Pro – For work, and for play. Nothing beats this sucker. Well, OK, a 17″ one would. But I’m poor. This is my baby, though.
  2. Sunglasses in case – Prescription sunglasses (which actually look kinda cool).
  3. MEC shoulder sling bag – It holds a LOT of stuff, and it was cheap. And it fits my MacBook Pro. Therefore, I bought it.
  4. Panasonic earphones – Isolating earphones that are really good. I was surprised at the sound quality.
  5. Lanyard – Containing house key, bicycle lock key, and 1GB USB thumb drive.
  6. Tiny Maglite – I use it all the time, for finding stuff that people (IE: me) have dropped, or just generally seeing in the dark.
  7. Apple remote – I don’t usually carry this, lest it get lost, but if I’m giving a presentation, it’s invaluable.
  8. iPod – Black, 60 GB 5th generation iPod. In a DLO casual leather case. It’s nearly full. This is one of the things I just can’t go anywhere without.
  9. Wallet – It was cheap, and it does its job of carrying money, cards, etc. rather well. Currently, it contains a Slaveway Safeway card (with measley employee discounts – 10% off on Safeway brand stuff), Airmiles card, library card, bank card, student ID, various business cards, and $10.
  10. Swiss card – It’s this thing. I bought it a number of years ago. The swivel thing for the scissor area doesn’t work, but the rest is functional. It’s super handy, and less conspicuous than carrying a knife.
  11. MacBook Pro wall plug – I usually carry the long one, because it’s better to have some slack cord than to not have enough.
  12. Juggling bean bags – For when I get bored.
  13. Dive watch – It’s a St. Moritz dive watch, on a cheap strap (nobody steals it, because the strap makes it look cheap). It’s a great watch, but I’m replacing it with a Valima soon.
  14. Breathsavers – Nearly out of these. Wintergreen flavour. I’m going for Altoids when I remember to buy them.
  15. Guitar picks – I don’t know why, but I carry these. You never know when someone will have a guitar that you can jam on.
  16. Camera USB cable – To transfer pictures with (obviously).
  17. iPod USB cable – Sometimes I need to plug my iPod into my computer, to transfer photos or charge it.
  18. Lowepro camera case – Usually contains a camera, however, the camera (a Canon PowerShot A530) was taking this picture.
  19. 256MB SD – A spare SD card, for squeezing an extra 200 pictures out, should I run short. My main SD card is a 1GB unit.
  20. 1/4 to 1/8 converter – A plug for converting a 1/4 male cable to a 1/8 mini stereo plug.
  21. Pencil case – It looks more menacing than it is. It’s a leather pencil case containing… pens and pencils.
  22. Sharpie and pen – Forgot to put these in my case.
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Be Still My Beating Heart – Novitec Rosso Are Gods

In Cars on August 30, 2007 at 11:19:17 am

The beautiful thing you’re looking at is the Novitec Rosso tuned Ferrari 599GTB. And it’s absolutely amazing. Novitec Rosso are always amazing, and this one is their best yet. I can’t stop looking at it!

Head on over to Jalopnik for a photo gallery of the beast.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to looking at it. And possibly drooling.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

In Video Post on August 29, 2007 at 7:40:31 pm

Best segment from the show:

Apparently, The iPhone Is Locked To AT&T: Did Nobody Tell This Dumbass?

In Apple on August 28, 2007 at 11:37:38 am

A brand new class action lawsuit against Apple alleges that they failed to disclose clearly that the iPhone is locked to AT&T, and that roaming charges apply.

Now c’mon! If the person in question has an IQ above 2, he would have realized that it says, quite clearly in the iPhone FAQ on Apple’s website:

Can I “unlock” iPhone and use it with another wireless carrier?
AT&T is the exclusive wireless carrier for iPhone in the United States. (That means no – NH) If you currently use another wireless carrier, you can choose to transfer your number when you activate your AT&T account.

As for the roaming charges, that’s more on AT&T’s end of things, don’t you think?

Driving Songs Reloaded: AKA – I’m Back!

In Music on August 27, 2007 at 9:31:38 pm

Well, after being on the road every day, you tend to develop a certain taste for certain songs on your MP3 player of choice (5th gen 60GB iPod for me).

Top Gear, in their infinite wisdom, launched a campaign a couple of years back to find the world’s greatest driving song. And, through viewer votes, it was decided that “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen is the best. But I’m not the biggest Queen fan. As such, I have my own list of great driving songs. Here’s the playlist:

  1. 1. HYPERPOWER! – Nine Inch Nails – Let’s kick things off with the opening track off of Year Zero. And yes, it’s spelled in all capital letters, with the exclaimation point. Awesome track this.
  2. 2. This Is The New Shit – Marilyn Manson – There’s something about this song that just works for a long highway.
  3. 3. Synesthesia – AFI – Find a long, straight road. Make sure the sun is shining and that the sky is decently blue. You should ideally be driving a convertible, but any car with windows that go down works. Crank this shit up!
  4. 4. Are My Eyes Too Red? – Hot Little Rocket – I’m a sucker for little Canadian punk/indie bands, and this one’s amazing. This track in particular is great for driving.
  5. 5. This Is A Fire Door Never Leave Open – The Weakerthans – Again, I’m a sucker for this sort of stuff. This one just works as a driving-type-tune. ‘Nuff said.
  6. 6. Drain You – Nirvana – I love Nirvana. I have every CD of theirs except one. OK… two. I’m missing “Sliver – Best of the Box” and “Incesticide”, but I have all of the other ones. Back on topic: driving songs. Yup. Driving songs. Drain You.
  7. 7. E-Pro – Beck – I used to be a bigger fan of Beck, but I since lost that. However, this is still a great track, particularily for driving. Hence why it’s on this list.
  8. 8. In The Air Tonight – Nonpoint – A cover of the infamous Phil Collins original. Included in the movie “Miami Vice”. I love this version. Sidenote: there is no real elaborate backstory of this song. Check out the Urban Legends Reference dictionary and encyclopaedia of all things truth.

That’s it for now. I’ll probably update this.