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In General, Personal on June 3, 2007 at 11:04:28 am

1: Name – Nicholas D. Heer
2. Nicknames – Nick; “that idiot”
3. Single or taken – Very single
4. Zodiac Sign – Scorpio
5. Male or Female – Male
6. School: Westmount Charter School
7. iPod – 60GB 5th gen
8. How many buddies on your list – 200-something, but I talk to about 10 of them on a regular basis.
9. Screenname: AIM: NHeerDesign; MSN: [iStig]

_____Your Appearance_____
10. Hair Color – Brown
12. Hair Long or Short – Too long right now. Need haircut. Pronto.
13. Do you have bangs – What? Sure?
14. Eye Color – Brown
15. How do your nails look – I like them short, but I need the right hand ones longer for guitar.
16. Height – 6’1″
17. Do you have a crush on someone – Sure, why not?
18. Do you like yourself – Occasionally
19. Braces – Nope
20. Think your awesome – It should be “you’re”. The moron who wrote this test sure isn’t awesome.
21. Piercings – No
22. Tattoo – No
23. Righty or Lefty – Left

___Your ‘Firsts’___
24. Surgery – Hernia
25. First piercing – Nada
26. First best friend – I had a best friend? Probably Scott. Not the Scott that’s at the school now (either of them).
27. First Award – Kiwanis, Grade 1
29. First pet – Border collie
30. First real vacation – Uhh… vacation? That’d be Switzerland, but I don’t remember it. I was 2-ish.
32. First love – Probably not.

33. Movie – The Departed, James Bond franchise, Blood Diamond, Layer Cake
34. Favorite TV show- House, Top Gear (can’t wait ’till October!)
35. Color(s) – #ff6600, #af1111 (wow that was geeky)
36. Music – Punk, Alternative, Electronic… I’m into a LOT of stuff.
37. Food – Lots.
38. Season – Summer
39. Drink – Sprite (Ice 😀 )
40. Body part not on the face(girl/guy) – Wow. Could this get any more obvious what answer they’re looking for?
41. Sport To Play – Parkour, when I can do it (still learning… very… slowly…)
42. Favorite piece of clothing – Atreyu shirt over another shirt (it shrank a bit in the wash), and jeans
43. Brand Of Clothing – Whatever fits me.
44. What do you sleep with – Blankets and a pillow
45. Fav School subject- Art, Comm Tech
46. Animal(s)- Dogs… because they’re the only things that listen to me.
47. Books – I actually really liked “The Alchemist”.
48. Magazines – Top Gear, Road & Track, Car & Driver, Automobile… notice a pattern?

49. Eating – Nothing
50. i’m drinking – Nothing
52. i’m about to – Go to work in an hour, but first, I must eat. And finish coding my damn website!
53. Listening to – Nothing. Nothing?! What the f— (hold on)…

(waiting for iTunes)

(flipping through cover flow)

“Belief” – John Mayer

55. Waiting For – Nobody
56. Watching – Nothing. How can people watch a movie or TV show, and blog at the same time?
57. Wearing – Shirt, jeans

___Your Future___
58. Want Kids – No
59. Want to Get Married – Not currently
60. Careers in Mind – Graphic design, web design, automotive design, photography, film director.

(what the f*ck happened to 61-74?!)

75. Are you in a relationship – I already answered that. Does even my blog not listen to me!??!
76. Sweet or Caring – Isn’t that the same thing? Probably neither.
77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant – Depends

___Have you ever___
78. Kissed a Stranger – No
79. Drank bubbles – Yup. That was a dumb thing to do.
80. Lost glasses/contacts – Heh… no.
81. Ran Away From Home – No
82. Broken a bone – No
83. Broken someone’s Someone’s Heart – Definitely not.
86. Turned Someone Down – From dancing? Yes. Dating? No.
87. Cried When Someone Died – No. I’m a cold-hearted bastard.
Wait… if that “someone” was a rabbit, yes. People? Nope.
88. Cried at school – Yes

___Do You Believe In___
89. God – No
90. Miracles – No. Everything in the universe can be explained rationally. The “miracle” explanation is for lazy people.
91. Love at first sight – Hasn’t happened to me, so no.
92. Superstitions – No, you moron.
93. Aliens – I’m pretty sure we’re not the only life forms in the galaxy
94. Magic – No
95. Heaven – I think it’s easier to become dirt and compost than to get into heaven.
96. Santa Claus – Not anymore.
97. Sex on the first date – No
98. Kissing on the First Date – Depends who it is
99. Angels – No

___Answer Truthfully___
100. Is There someone You Want To be with right now- No. Retard.


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