Not That You Needed More Info About Me, But…

In Funny, Personal on May 14, 2007 at 9:32:14 pm

Time started: 8:00ish pm
Full Name: Nicholas D. Heer
Single or Taken: Single
Sex: Male
Birthday: October, 1990
Sign: Scorpio
Siblings: 1
Eye colour: Brown, sometimes green
Shoe size: 7…. I think…
Height: 6’1″
What are you?: Human, at last check.
Innie or Outie: What?
What are you wearing right now: Socks, jeans, underwear, shirt, sweater, glasses, gold chain (ma’ bling, yo… *rolling eyes*)
Where do you live : Calgary
Righty or lefty: Lefty, and damn proud
Any pets: 2 birds
Did you go out today?: Yes
Where did you go?: Walk down 17th Ave. Saw a couple great cars, bought Top Gear magazine.
Are you going out tomorrow?: Yes
Where?: School…

Relationships ———————-

Who are your good friends?: I have a few
Did you send this to your crush?: I didn’t send it to anybody
Where is your favorite place to shop?: I shop?
have any tattoos or piercings?: No

Favorites ———————

Favourite kind of pants: Jeans
Boys Name: Uh…
Girls Name: Uh…
Subject in school: Comm Tech when we get to jump around and look like complete idiots, only to come back, edit it and look pretty cool. Art, as well.
Animal: I like dogs. I don’t know why, but they’ve always kept me from being lonely.
Drink: Fizzy water, apple juice, Sprite
Sport: Free running
Month: No idea… July and August are always nice.
Movie: Layer Cake; Blood Diamond
Perfume: No fricken’ clue
Favourite cartoon character: Stupendous man!

Have you ever ——————-

Given anyone a bath: No
Smoked: It doesn’t count
Bungee: Unfortunately, no.
Made yourself throw-up: No
Gone skinny dipping: No
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: No
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: No
Broken a bone: No
Played truth or dare: Yes
Been in a police car: Yes
Been on a plane: Yes
Come close to dying: Probably. I thought I was dying, and the ER thought so as well, but it was apparently nothing.
Been in a sauna: Yes
Been in a hot tub: Yes
Fallen asleep in school: Yes
Ran away?: No
Broken someone’s heart: Highly doubt it
Cried when someone died: Not that I can remember
Flashed someone: No
Cried in school: Yes
Fell off your chair: Yes (who hasn’t?)
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: No
Saved MSN conversations: Adium keeps a record for me.
Saved e-mails: Yes
Fallen for one of your best friends?: Yes
Used someone: No
Been cheated on? No
Done something you regret?: Yes

What is.. ———————-

Your good luck charm: I have a good luck charm?
Best song you ever heard: It depends on the day.
Stupidest thing you have ever done: Very little that I’ve done hasn’t been stupid
What’s your room like: Actually, somewhat clean at the moment
Last thing you said: “OK”
What is beside you: On my left:Printer, answer machine, watch, tape measure, Kleenex box, USB key, $2.00 in quarters, a pen. On my right: 2 external hard drives, USB hub, rolodex, bills.
What shampoo do you use?: I don’t keep a record of this sort of stuff
Something that has happened to you this year: Plenty
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: My guitar broke… twice. My iPod broke, and FedEx wouldn’t deliver it (the chronicals are on my blog).

Chicken pox: “What is Chicken pox”…
Sore Throat: “What is Sore throat”…
Broken nose: “What is Broken nose”…
Those were all in the wrong category, methinks

do you————————————-

Believe in love at first sight: No idea
Like school: This term, yes.
What schools have you gone to: ABC Charter Public School, later renamed Westmount Charter School

Would you:———————————

Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000: What is wrong with you?
Warning: The following portions do not make sense with the prequestion posed above
If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you: My iPod. People? No.
Who is the last person that called you: Scott from Long & McQuade
Who was the last person you slow danced with: Oh god, that was way too long ago.
What makes you laugh the most: PSU, Aqua Soft and F-Chat.
What makes you smile: See above.

Who was the last person———————-

You touched?: I punched my mom in the arm…. lightly…
You massaged: I don’t massage people. However, the last person I smacked upside the head was David.
You Kissed?: Maddie? I don’t really remember
You Yelled at?: Everyone.
Who broke your heart: Uhh… that’s for her to know, and for you not to. But she doesn’t go to Westmount.
Who told you they loved you: Nobody. Really, quite honestly, apart from my parents… nobody. Cool, huh?
Is your loudest friend: I have lots of loud friends.

Do you/Are You:——————————————

Do you like filling these out: When I’m bored.
Do you wear contacts or glasses: Glasses
Do you like yourself: Occasionally
Do you get along with your family: Oftentimes, yes.
Do you do drugs: Advil?
Have piercings below the waist? I said no to piercings overall…
Stolen anything over $50: No
Anorexic?: No
Suicidal?: That’s a rather personal question, isn’t it?

Final questions ———————-

What are you listening to right now?: “Cable Chick” – John Powell – The Italian Job Soundtrack
What makes you happy: Happy?
How many buddies are on your list: MSN? Over 200.
What did you do yesterday: Go to work, come home sick, eat a lot, feel better.
Hated someone in your family: No
Got any awards: Yes
What car do you wish to have: See every other survey.
Where do you want to get married: Get married?
If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change: Plenty. I’d like to have hair that actually stays put, though. And doesn’t grow at Mach 9.
Good driver: Do I have a license? Nevertheless, I think I am.
Good Singer: Hell no.
Have a lava lamp: No.
How many remote controls are in your house: 2 for the main TV; 2 for the downstairs TV; 1 for the computer (iMac for the win)… so 5.
Are you double jointed: No
What do you dream about: As little as possible.
Last time you showered: This morning.
The last movie you saw at the theatres: Don’t really remember. Oh yeah! “The Departed”
Scary or happy movies: Happy
Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla
Summer or winter: Depending on what music I’m liking at the time… but usually summer.
Silver or Gold: Platinum & Carbon Fibre
Diamond or pearl: Diamond
Sunset or Sunrise: Both are equally cool
Sprite or 7up: Sprite
Orange juice or apple juice: Apple juice
Cats or dogs: Dogs
Coffee or tea: Tea
Phone or in person: Depends for what. I tend to use email for most things these days.
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Oldest
Indoor or Outdoor: Depends on what the weather’s like here.

Thongs or Panties: By the time you’re looking at them, it doesn’t really matter.
Makeup or none: Not a lot, no. Then you just look like you’ve dipped your face in chalk, then in magic marker.
Painted nails or not: Don’t care
Straight hair or curly hair: Don’t care
Freckles or none: Don’t care
Jewellery or not: Don’t care
Dark or light eyes: Don’t care
Cute or hot girls: Depends on who it is. I try not to focus on appearance (as you can tell by the last 5 answers); rather, I see it as a bonus.
What do you notice first about girls: Smile

Time finished: 9:30pm (I had to get off the computer for over an hour, so there was a bit of a break in the middle).


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