My Rules for Safeway

In Personal, Rant on May 11, 2007 at 11:46:28 pm

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to throw your neck underneath a meat cleaver? I had one…

As you may know, I work at Slavewa… sorry – Safeway.

I’m going to impose a new rule: if you don’t like the way I bag your groceries, you’ll do it yourself. Case in point: a woman came in, and was talking animatedly with the cashier. She brought one cloth bag from home, and purchased a large quantity of groceries. I finished packing the cloth bag, and there were still items left over. So, naturally, I did what we were trained to do: use plastic. I finished bagging, and suddenly, out of nowhere, she exclaimed (and I’m quoting from the best of my memory; my body is full of stimulants currently) “What are you doing? No excuses. Use just the cloth bag!”

Woah! Sorry lady!

So, I overpack the cloth bag, which now has grocery items bulging out of every opening, and weights approximately the same as a baby elephant. She struggled to get it out the door, instead of packing just a little bit into a plastic bag. To make matters worse, the cashier started giving me a speech about how to bag groceries.

I was running on about 5 hours of sleep; not much for me. I had just walked in the sun, up a hill, in black pants. I was not in a good mood to have my patience tested.


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