Another Freaking Survey!

In Absolutely Insane, General, Personal on May 7, 2007 at 8:56:55 pm

Thanks to Bree’s Facebook for this time-waster.

01. Full Name: Nicholas D. Heer

02. Nicknames: Nick, “the scary one”

03. Screen name: Depends which site. On MSN, I’ve set it it “iStig”, on AIM, it’s “NHeerDesign”. On PSU, it’s “NHeer-Design”, on F-Chat, it’s “NHeerDesign” (I think), on AquaSoft it’s “nicholasheer”. ‘Nuff said?

04. Age: 16

05. Birthday: October

06. Grade: 11

07. G.P.A.: Riiiighht…

08. Your class: Graduating 2008. Many classes.

09. Zodiac sign: Scorpio

10. Hospital where you were born: I don’t remember.

11. City, State you were born: Calgary, Alberta

12. City, State you live in now: Calgary, Alberta

13. Height: 6’1″

14. Hair Color: Brown-ish

17. Eye Color: Brown-ish

18. Glasses/Contacts: Glasses

19. Hobbies: Check dA or Facebook.

20. Crush: Because everybody will just blurt it out in a random survey, right?

21. Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Nope

22. If you do have b/f or g/f how’d you meet: N/A

23. If you could go out with any one in the world who would it be: Uh… right…

24. When and who was your 1st crush?: 3rd grade. Thanks for asking.

25. What do you first notice about the opposite sex: Smile (or lack thereof)

26. What do you think guys/girls look hot in: …Clothing? I like Bree’s answer, so I’m sticking with it

27. Do you want to get married someday: No, but thanks for asking.

28. If so, when: N/A

29. How romantic are you? : I’m romantic?

30. Biggest turn-on: Smile? I dunno…

31. Ideal girl/guy: …

33. Memory [thing] you miss most: Suddenly today, I realized that I want my old watch back. I had a really nice Swatch one which was red with brushed aluminium, and I lost it like 5 or 6 years ago.

34. If you could go back in time, where would you go?: Back to about 19… ooo… 64-ish, when the Ferrari 250 GT was cheap. Well, cheaper than it is now.

35. Thing that you regretted doing after you had done it? Quite a lot.

36. Memory you would like to forget: Quite a lot.

37. What’d you do yesterday: Not much. Worked.

38. Last person you talked to on the phone: Someone calling for my mother.

39. What was the last thing you said: “OK”

40. Last song you listened to: According to my scrobbler, “Sacrifice Theory” – A.F.I.

41. Have you been kissed: No shit.

42. If so when was the last time: While ago.

43. With whom?: Uhh….

44. How many kids do you want: None.

45. Future son’s name: See above

46. Future daughter’s name: Again, see above

47. Honeymoon spot: Didn’t I say that I didn’t want to get married?

48. Where do you like to shop: I hate shopping. But anywhere where there are good band t-shirts is always a good destination.

49. Boxers or briefs for guys?: …


50. Food: Lime/Ginger Tofu (yummy)

51. Drink: Alcoholic: I’m straight edge. Nada. // Non-Alcoholic: Sprite

52. Color: Black, white and af1111. Oh, yeah… and NHeer Design orange

53. Weekend Activity: PSU, F-chat and Aqua Soft; Top Gear and House marathons; guitar

54. Day of the week: Saturdays

55. Card Game: Rummy’s good… so is solitaire

56. Holiday: Christmas

57. Number: 77

58. Cookie: Oatmeal

59. Phrase to overuse: I don’t think that I can count that high

60. Candy: Reese peanut butter cups


62. Funniest: Sean H

63. Silliest: Beth

64. Loudest: All of them?

65. The one you have, but wish you didn’t: …

66. Smartest: I dunno… they’re all pretty smart. Ish.

67. Sweetest: I have *sweet* friends?


68. N Sync or BSB: Nirvana. And plenty of it.

69. Peanut butter OR Jelly: Peanut Butter

71. Boxers OR Briefs: Don’t care

72. Vanilla OR Chocolate: Vanilla

73. Romantic, Comedy OR Horror: Romances and horror movies are all essentially the same (as every other romance and horror), so… comedy.

74. Do you believe in angels?: No

75. Love at first sight: Yeah

76. Heaven & Hell?: Dunno

77. God? : No

78. Yourself?: Depends

79. Chickens that say MOO: No. Shut up.

80. Ghosts: No


81. Been on a plane: Yes (what a dumb question)

82. Been wrong & admitted it: I’m always right! Right?

83. Cried in public: When I was young, probably.

84. Climbed a tree: Uh, yeah.

85. Kissed a guy/girl: Girl, yes. Guy, no.

86. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: Went in in San Francisco. It was loud. I left.

88. Said: Yes, I can talk.

89. Made prank calls: Yes

90. Gone skinny dipping: Not yet

91. Skipped school: Well… depends on your definition of skipping

92. Loved somebody so much it made you cry: No

93. Gone to a theme park and checked out all the hott grls/guyz?: No. Don’t be retarded.

94. Played tag in a mall? No


95. Pen/Pencil: Pen

96. Plumber/Trashman: Trashman. Plumber is just… gross.

97. Ear/Eye: Eye… wait… ear… wait…

98. Rich and unhappy OR poor and happy: Rich and unhappy. Actually, I don’t think that’s possible for me. I’m currently poor and unhappy.

99. Tall/Short: Tall

100. Girl/Guy: Guy

(shouldn’t there be a #101 in here? These surveys blow at counting)


102. What’s the first thing you thought of when you woke up?: I think when I wake up?

103. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: Hell no

104. Do you have motion sickness?: Not right now… I’m pretty static as of current/

105. Have you ever been attacked by a big dog: No. Every animal loves me. *snicker*

106. How many rings before you answer the phone: Home: I try to answer before you hang up. Cell: If you try calling my cell number, it’ll just ring and ring. (I don’t have a cell)

107. How many homes have you lived in?: 2

108. Piercings: None

109. Tattoos: I want to get one on the bottom of each wrist (an “X”), and one on my back (“Through our bleeding, we are one”)

110. Bed Time: Whenever I feel like it

111. Have you ever mud wrestled: Nope

112. Would you kill someone: Depends

113. Which finger is your favorite: Middle… by far the most useful

114. Do you like your handwriting? : Yes, why not?

115. What is your favorite lunch meat: VEGETARIAN

116. Are you a dare devil: I so want to skydive… and base jump… and HALO jump…

117. Do you flirt: Doesn’t everyone on some level?

118. What movie made you cry: “Lion King” when it was first released… it was the stampede scene, in a movie theatre, with a 4 year old (me).

119. Which was your best Halloween costume?: I was a pumpkin my first Halloween…

120. Have you ever been in a mosh pit: Aw yeah.

121. Do you wear a seat belt: Yes, I’m not an idiot.

122. Have you ever been on radio, in the newspaper, or on TV?: Does internet radio count? (I’ve been on Poweruser TV twice). Newspaper and TV, yup.

123. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: Not right now, no.

124. Last time you showered: This morning.

125. Do you have cell phone and beeper: No and no.

126. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: See favourite colour question.

128. Do you like this survey?: No

129. What are the last 4 digits of your number? : I have enough people stalking me at the moment, thanks.

130. One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: 2 pillows, both cotton

131. Last CD you bought: “Year Zero” – NIN

132. How long are you in the shower: 5-10 minutes

133. How do you eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup: Unwrap, bite, chew, swallow, bite, chew, swallow.

134. Feelings on abortion: Pro-choice.

136. Thoughts on Britney Spears: Remember your underwear.

137. Thunderstorms: Wahoo.

138. Roller coasters: Weeeeeeeeee!

139. What does your screen name mean?: Which one? iStig: Google “The Stig”… NHeerDesign (or derivitives): My wordmark

140. Who do you most admire?: I admire people?

141. Right, Left, or Ambidextrous?: Ambidextrous, ish. I’m a lefty.

142. What is on your mouse pad?: Water droplets (not real, you idiot)

143. What is under your bed?: 3 guitars, 2 effects pedals and a partridge in a pear tree

144. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?: Not a f*cking clue.

145. Do you like the person that sent you this survey?: Someone sent me this?

146. Who is most likely to send this quiz back: Send…?


147. Cried: No

148. Eaten fluff: What are you on?

149. Helped someone: If by “help” you mean “make feel insignificant”, yes.

150. Cut your hair: No

151. Worn a skirt: Uh, no.

152. Worn a tie: No

153. Been mean: Always

154. Been sarcastic: Again, always

155. Gone for a run: Catching the bus

156. Gone for a walk: Yes

157. Gone to the movies: No

158. Gone out for dinner: No

159. Been kissed: Sure are a lot of questions about being kissed… I like Bree’s answer, so I’m keeping it

160. Felt stupid: Of course

161. Said “I love you”: No

162. Written a letter: “X”. There. A letter. Happy?

163. Written a paper?: No

164. Taken a test: Is this one?

165. Met someone new: No

166. Written in a journal: No

167. Watched your favorite movie: No

168. Talked to someone you have a crush on: Lots of these kind of questions, too. Again, I agree with Bree. Such a smart girl…

169. Given someone a present: No

170. Had a serious talk: No

171. Missed someone: No

172. Hugged someone: No

173. Had a nightmare: No

I dont know what happened to 174, 175 but okay… Again, Bree’s wisdom shines through

176. Do you now hate whoever sent this to you: Again… “Sent?”

177. this person nice?: UGH!

178 & 179? Missing in action?


180. Early Morning Rituals (list ie. cartoons that you watch, bathroom routines): Wake up, lay in bed, turn off iPod alarm, get out of bed, hop in the shower, get dressed, brush teeth, make hair resemble something less scary, eat breakfast, get out the door.

181. Are you often rushed? (if so, why? ie. sleeping in): Not usually.

182. What stresses you out? (ie. deadlines, parents): Everything.

183. Name your means of transportation (ie. Public, Parents, Personal Vehicle): My parents drive me to school and to music lessons, I take the bus many places otherwise, and I walk a lot. I bike during the summer month.

184. Have you a license? (if so, any infractions? speeding tickets? accidents?): No

185. Typical lunch consists of?: Soup (if at school); Whatever’s in the fridge (home)

186. Where do you eat it (in the cafeteria? at a local diner? at your desk?): By my locker, or at home

Number 187…?

188. What is your regular bedtime? (estimate): Between 10 and 12

189. Do you eat dinner as a family? (if so, what is conversation like?): Yes, and conversation is usually forced and boring (at least on my part)

190. Who prepares your typical dinner?: My mother

191. Are you household chore enabled? (ie. can you sew, cook, do your laundry?): I set and clear the table, make dinner occasionally, take out the garbage, do recycling… yeah…

192. How often does your room get cleaned? (thoroughly): Once a month or so

(cont’d in Part 2, to be posted… eventually)


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