Another Freaking Survey! – Part 2

In General on May 7, 2007 at 9:07:54 pm

(cont’d from Another Freaking Survey!)


193. Favourite Childhood Foods (list 3): Don’t remember (you’re going to see that a lot here)

194. Favourite Childhood Books (list 3): Harry Potter et al; Bridge To Terebithia; etc.

195. Favourite Childhood Shows (list 3): “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” – that show was (and still is) awesome; I have to list 2 more?

196. Favourite Childhood Toys (list 3): Lego, Lego, Lego

197. Favourite Childhood Animal: Bear

198. Favourite Childhood Colour: Red

199. What was your dress style like?: Whatever was in the closet

200. Worst trends you succumbed to (list 2): Trends? Me?

201. First word (ask your parents if you don’t know): “Car”

Did you go to summer camp? Were you in any clubs? (ie. Guides/Scouts): “Minds in Motion”

203. What was your social standing? (ie. geek, loner, nerd, jock, preppy): Loner! (and still am)

204. If you could go back in time, what would you change about your childhood? (realistic responces only): Nothing, really


205. Do you see yourself as “troublesome”? (in reguards to the image that teens have with adults)? If not, what makes you “respectable”? If so, why?: I see myself as a confused child. But I don’t think I have issues dealing with adults.

206. How have you evolved in the last couple of years?: Uh, lots.

207. List some major milestones of this time (ie. first kiss, loss of virginity, graduation, first car): Why? I can’t be bothered.

208. Any Piercings? Tatts? (henna included) If so, where and what of: No.

209. Did it hurt as much as you had anticipated? (piercings, tatts, for girls; loss of virginity): No.

210. Do you smoke? drink (alchohol, coffee), do drugs?: No No No

S.O = Signicant Other

211. Do you and your friends/S.O have similar interests?: S.O?

212. Have you been engaged/married?: S.O?

213. Who knows you better, your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend?: S.O?

214. What has been your longest friendship/relationship? (in terms of mos/years): Relationship: 2.5 months, ish.

215. Are you a gossip?: No

216. Are you polygamous?: No, you moron.


217. Ideal career?: Something in industrial or graphic design

218. Ideal Place of Residancy? (ie. A cottage in the woods, an appartment in the city): On the edge of Calgary. Decent size house, big garages, lotsa cars.

219. Want kids? how many?: No. I already answered that. I hate having to repeat myself.

220. What are you doing now in order to obtain these goals?: School. Job. Etc.

221. Do you think you’ll age well (parents are a pretty good indication)? Are you scared of aging?: I hope I’ll still like A.F.I.

222. Are you scared of death? How do you cope with that fear (ie. religion?): Not really.


223. Own a website? What is the content like? Yes. It’s widely documented.

224. Any collections?: Not yet.

225. Worst fears: I don’t really know. I hate it when I don’t know something that I need to. Information is what I love, and when I’m kept in the dark, I hate it.

226. Are you a pretty good judge of character? (reffer to your past track record for an answer): Sometimes. Ish.

228. Main source of news (paper, T.V, radio)?: The interwebs

229. Do you keep up with current events? (beyond who Britney Spears is dating): Not celebs, but some current events, yes.

230. What causes do you advocate?: Not much. If I truly believe in something, I will say something. But I don’t think that my blog (as of right now), and this survey, are the places for this.

231. How long has this survey taken you? (guess): Long, long time.

232. Favorite closing quote?:


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