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Again, dumb Facebook quiz/survey things are becoming fascinating. I dunno why, to be honest. They amuse me, anyways. It’s funny how they all ask roughly the same thing.

200. My middle name is: D. That’s all you get!
199. I was born on: October 28, 1990
198. I am really: odd
197. My cell phone company is: I own a cell phone?
196. My eye color is: depends. Right now, I think it’s really, really dark brown. But I avoid looking at myself in the mirror.
195. My shoe size is: 8 I think?
194. My ring size is: I own a ring?
193. My height is: 6’1″
192. I am allergic to: Cats.
191. I was born in: Calgary
190. I live in: Calgary
189. The last book I read: “Night” – Elie Weisel
188. My bed is: supporting my electric guitar.
187: One thing you hate about yourself: Uhh… one? I could list a few, but I get freaking impatient at everything. Ah well.
179. My favorite Holiday is: 4/20. πŸ˜› Just kidding… it’s Christmas.
177. The last three cd’s I bought: In reverse order… “Year Zero” – Nine Inch Nails; “Silent Alarm Remixed” – Bloc Party; “With Teeth” – Nine Inch Nails
176. Last song(s) that made me cry was: anything played on bagpipes. I hate bagpipes.
175. Are you taken or Single: Single, as always.
174. If your taken, by who?: Don’t you listen? πŸ™‚
173. Do you like being single/taken?: Don’t care. I’m almost always alone anyways; it’s something you get used to, and stop caring about.
170. What did you do last night? I don’t remember. Does that mean I was wasted? πŸ™‚

:::::I Do (YES)/Do Not (NO) Believe In:::::
142. Love at first sight? Sure, why not?
141. Luck?: Believe in it? I rely upon it.
140. Fate? Yeah, why not?
139. Yourself? No. I’m a lying, cheating scoundral. Yeah, I believe myself
138. Aliens? No.
137. Heaven? Yeah, why not?
136. Hell? Well, I live in Calgary, so yes!
135. Ghosts? No.
134. Horoscopes? No.
133. Soulmates? Why not?

:::::Which is Better?:::::
129. Hugs or Kisses?: The candy? Hugs. The actual physical motion? Kisses.
128. Drunk or High: Both are fun to watch, but I’m straight edge, so neither.
127. Phone or Online: Online. I hate talking on the phone. Worst. Invention. Ever.
126. Red heads or Black hair: Don’t care.
125. Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes.
124. Hot or Cold: Cold.
123. Summer or winter: Summer. It’s Calgary. We get winter 8 months a year.
121. Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
120. Night or Day: Day
119. Oranges or Apples: Apples
118. Curly or Straight hair: Don’t care

:::::Here’s What I Think About:::::
116. Abortion: Pro choice
115. Backstabbers: F*ck you.
114. Parents: Yay! Personal ATM and loan departments.

::::Last time I:::
103. Went out of town: Invermere
102. Had food: Uh, last night… dinner.
101. Seen someone I haven’t seen in a while: Pfft… no idea.
100. Cried in front of someone? Don’t remember.
99. Grew: All the time. I’m 6’1″ πŸ™‚

90. Who is the ditziest person you know? Laura. Oh dear.
89. Who makes you laugh the most? Sean H. That boy is hilarious.
87.The last movie I watched: “Blood Diamond” If “I Heard A Voice” counts as a movie, I watch that almost daily.
82. What I don’t understand is: Why I’m filling this out.
80. The most unsatisfactory answer I’ve ever received is: “Well, maybe.”
79. Something I will miss when I leave home is: My mom’s cooking.
78. The thing that I’m looking forward to the most is: Summerstock
77. The thing that I’m not looking forward to is: When I get my bill for ACAD. Eep!
73. Tomorrow: I’m going to jazz night. Yay!
72. Today: I got my electric guitar back. Ye-ah.
71. Next Summer: Will be fun (hopefully).
70. Next Week: Will be busy.
67. People call me: Nick, Nicholas, NHeer, “that idiot”
62. The person who knows the most about me is: myself.
60. The most difficult thing to do is: Math. Dear god.
59. I have gotten a speeding ticket: Uh, no. I bike.
56. My zodiac sign is: Scorpio.
55. The first person I talked to today was: Mom… saying goodnight.
54. First time you had a crush: Grade 3
53. The one person who can’t hide things from me: No idea. Everybody hides something from me.
52. Last time someone said something that you were thinking?: Every day.
51. Right now I am talking to: Nobody.
50. What is your dream job? Industrial design.
49. First job?: Westmount School
48. I have/will get a job at? Slaveway
47. I have these pets: A dog.
46. I hope: Travel Europe.
45. The worst sound in the world: See my post from a few days ago.
44. The person that makes me cry the most is: I have no idea.
39. My girlfriend is: Nowhere to be found.
35. Florida or Hawaii: Florida’s full of old people, Hawaii’s too touristy. If I had to pick between the two, I’d say the Bahamas.
33. My favorite piece of clothing is: Jeans and my Atreyu shirt. I’ve gotta get my AFI gear!
32. My favorite sport is: No idea.
31. Last time I cried: Wasn’t this already a question?
30. My friends are: Small in number.
29. My computer is: In front of me.
28. The school I go to is: Westmount, then ACAD, then hopefully ACCD.
27. Last person I got mad at: Every day it’s somebody. Probably a coworker.
22. The all-time best movie is: “Layer Cake”
21. The all-time best thing in the world is: Juggling.
18. The most annoying person you know is: David. Oh dear, buddy.
17. I lose respect for people who: Are purposely stupid.
16. The movies I have cried at are: None that I can think of. I’m half Swiss, I’m not emotional.
15. Closest friend name: Kai? I don’t really have close friends.
13. Favorite web site: PhotoshopedUp
12. I want to: Go to ACCD!
11. The worst pain I was ever in was?: Can’t remember. I’ve had a lot of leg pain recently.
10. My favorite word is: MacBeth It makes all superstitious actors cower in fear
9. My room is: Somewhat tidy, and very comfy.
8. My favorite celebrity is: The tall bloke, the short bloke, and the other bloke. Top Gear watchers will know what I’m on about
5. My weakness is: Kryptonite. I’m losing patience for this survey
4. What I like about the opposite sex: I answered this in one of the other ones I filled out.
3. Who broke your heart: It’s obvious, but all mended up.
2. One thing that makes you feel great is: Uhh… I dunno? Playing my beautiful guitars.
1. You filled out 200 questions because??: I’m piss bored.


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