It’s Funny…

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2007 at 1:23:56 pm

…how a day can go from good to terrible to good again.

Case in point: today.

This morning, I was feeling really good. I woke up and everybody was all smiles. I get to school, and we did an awesome interpretation of Sense and Sensibility for English (“Sssssense and Sssssensssibility”: Snakes in a Play).

Then, it went downhill. I found out that the grad meeting originally planned for today for all of the grade 12s was next week, so our busying about trying to cancel all filming was pointless. Next, I found out that I missed course selections for next year (I’ll be in Grade 12 next year). But I ran into the person who was doing course selections in the office, and she gave me a form. I also missed my bus by only 30 seconds. If I’d hurried up a little bit in the office, or if people did their jobs and announced that there would be a meeting today, then I would have got home 20 minutes earlier.

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