Real News!

In Absolutely Insane, News on May 1, 2007 at 9:22:30 pm

I shit you not, this is gospel truth.

Michael Jackson, in his infinite wisdom, wants to build a 50-ft. tall robot replica of himself in Vegas. No, I’m not writing a fiction novel. He wants it to have lasers for eyes, and be standing outside of his palace or whatever that he’s going to be performing in. Best part: when it’s not being used as a massive creepy billboard outside his venue, he wants it to be able to roam the Vegas desert landscape, as if it were a human, and then walk back to its home base. Imagine what people from any other country will think when they land in LV:

“Honey, come check this out. Crikey! It’s a 50 foot tall representation of that child molester and part time singer. Holy shit!”

The world has gone mad!

One of the sources says:

“Andre Van Pier has apparently designed the Jackson robot and sketched out a stage set featuring a giant audience-interactive video game with human cyborgs controlled by the audience.”

I know he’s rich, but c’mon. There’s gotta be something better that he could do with that much money. Like, burn it. Or donate it to me. I won’t complain.

The sources don’t say whether he’s going to have a bunch of 30-foot tall children for the robot to molest. In the “humour me” department: build it.



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