I’m Pissed Off, and I Have a Reason!

In General, Personal, Rant, Tech on April 3, 2007 at 6:33:35 pm

So, I sent my iPod in for service last week. It had randomly decided to not go past the Apple logo, and would constantly reboot. I tried everything I could think of, and finally gave in and asked for service. I got an email on Thursday that they were sending a replacement iPod. It got sent on Friday. Now, yesterday, it didn’t arrive, which is fine. They said 2 business days, and I had only waited 1 business day. But today, it finally arrived (yay!). After spending 2 weeks without a working iPod, it arrived in Calgary. Just not at my house. FedEx came at 8:40 AM which is way to f*cking early. I was in the shower, my sister was sleeping, my mom was cleaning our other shower, and my dad was downstairs. Nobody answered the door! So, basically, I have to wait another day because nobody could be bothered to open the door and sign for a package for me.

I digress.

  1. That blows that noone could get to the door… Man 2 weeks without an iPod (shudders, at the thought)..

    Well atleast think of it like this, atleast your Ipod is being replaced. Mine on the other hand…NOPE.

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